Short-term Earthquake Prediction Based on Seismic Precursory Electric  Signals Recorded on Ground Surface.






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    The lithosphere, being the outer cell - solid part of the earth, is the place where the majority of the earthquakes occur. It is subjected to EM noise interference from external sources (ionosphere, magnetosphere), from industrial ground – surface installed sources and from its interior located sources,  mainly of geotectonic origin. Therefore, the total EM field, monitored at any specific EM monitoring site on ground surface, is a horrible mesh of EM signals.
In this mesh co-exist, occasionally, the earthquake precursory electrical signals.
    The main problem is: how to process the recorded raw data, in such a way, that the earthquake precursory signals will be successfully recovered and will be useful for earthquake parameters prediction.

     Filtering methods in time / frequency domain are not efficient since the noise constituents frequency spectrum overlaps each other. We overcome this problem by using the “noise injection method” (arXiv:0807.4298  [ pdf ]  based on the Dirac’s Delta Function. The results of that operation, on the raw data, allowed us to determine successfully the epicenter of some large earthquakes in the Greek territory (see examples presented in this site in the monograph).
Similar results were obtained by using monochromatic EM signals. At this time, motivated by Chaos Theory and generally the “strange attractor” itself, we combined the monochromatic signals obtained from two distant monitoring sites. The results were more than a surprise. The “strange attractor like” electrical earthquake precursor was invented.

    In the case of a monochromatic signal, obtained by any filtering method, still some noise of the same frequency may exist in the filtered data. In such a case, physical modeling of the wanted signal is used along with inversion techniques.


The "strange attractor" like electrical earthquake precursor was first5ly observed on 2005 and officially presented   on   2007 in the monograph "Short-term earthquake prediction". It is an extension of the azimuthal (polar) direction calculation of the earth's oscillating electric field intensity vector, registered by two distant monitoring sites. 


The strange attractor earthquake precursor has presented amazing predictive properties both in occurrence time as well as in  in epicenter area determination and very good signal to noise ratio too, considering the present ambient noise of the recording site.


By analyzing the visitors log file of our web-site, generated by the hosting server, we were surprised by the fact  that the topic of the strange attractor is the main interest of  most of the  visitors. 

Therefore, we decided to present this page which is dedicated to  our latest research results on the specific topic


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14. arXiv:1003.2772  [ pdf ]

 "Strange attractor like" electric seismic precursor observed prior to the Nafpactos, Greece, EQs of 18th / 22nd January, 2010 (Ms = 5.7R / 5.6R).


19.  arXiv:0907.3277 [ pdf ]

Decomposing the "strange attractor like" seismic electric precursor into simpler components.


20. arXiv:0901.4285  [ pdf ]

Preseismic oscillating electric field "strange attractor like" precursor, of T = 6 months, triggered by Ssa tidal wave. Application on large (Ms > 6.0R) EQs in Greece (October 1st, 2006 - December 2nd, 2008).


21. arXiv:0901.0467  [ pdf ]

Preseismic oscillating electric field "strange attractor" like precursor, of T=14 days, triggered by M1 tidal wave. Application on large (Ms > 6.0R) EQs in Greece (March 18th, 2006 - November 17th, 2008).


22. arXiv:0810.4784  [ pdf ]

Preseismic electric field "strange attractor" like precursor analysis applied on large (Ms > 5.5R) EQs, which occurred in Greece during December 1st, 2007 - April 30th, 2008.


23. arXiv:0810.0242  [ pdf ]

On a preseismic electric field "strange attractor" like precursor observed short before large earthquakes.


    After summarizing the previous papers it can be concluded the Physical Working Model that holds for the seismogenic area.


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