Short-term Earthquake Prediction Based on Seismic Precursory Electric  Signals Recorded on Ground Surface.






“What today seems impossible, is tomorrow’s reality”


Skyros Island, Greece, EQ (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R).

   The earthquake of Skyros Island in Greece (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R) was announced three days before its occurrence in a meeting organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia on 2001.

   In this work a review is made on the results of the methodologies which were used for the analysis of the available data in order to utilize the specific prognosis.

   Of particular interest is the fact that the determined time of occurrence deviated for less than an hour (actually it was 41 minutes) from the actual occurrence time of the specific EQ. A similar example of another large EQ (Kythira, Greece, Ms = 6.9R, 8th January, 2006) by using the very same methodology deviated for 43 minutes only.

   The rest of the prognostic parameters: the epicenter location and the magnitude of the Skyros EQ were utilized by manipulating the past seismic energy release history of the regional seismogenic area and the observed earth’s electric field which was recorded during the last 25 days, before the occurrence of the large seismic event, by VOL earth’s electric field monitoring site.

  Indeed, the fact of the presented methodology and the determined prognostic parameters, in front of a seismological panel, was a very strong statement. The panel reacted by smiling politely and the meeting went on normally for a couple of days. On 2001/07/26 the specific EQ hit Skyros Island occurred as it was expected. The seismological panel, although it  was largely surprised, produced, after my request, a confirmation in written form.

    It is concluded that a short-term earthquake prediction can be utilized as a really “short” one, once the available precursory data are processed with the appropriate methodologies.

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   - Skyros  (Greece, 2001, M = 6.1) earthquake.

     (Article placed at the database (Physics - Geophysics) of Cornell University, N.Y., USA)


   - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences written form verification.



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