Short-term Earthquake Prediction Based on Seismic Precursory Electric  Signals Recorded on Ground Surface.







Short-term earthquake prediction (monograph by Dr. Thanassoulas, C., 2007).


Theoretical analysis:


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Universities and Research Institutions where you can access a hard copy of it.



Recent research articles  of EQ prediction interest placed at the database (Physics -Geophysics) of Cornell University, N.Y., USA.




Earth's electric field, as registered by the PYR, ATH and HIO monitoring sited, in compressed (.rar) downloadable form files.



Earth's magnetic field, as

registered by MOP, in

compressed (.rar) down-

loadable files.


Earthquake's catalog of Greece, since 1901.


Greece's seismicity of the last 7 days.


Athens regional area seismicity of the last 15 days.



Current status of the Earth's electric field at PYR, ATH and HIO monitoring sites.


- 1 day's        recording


- 7 days                ..


- 1 month             ..


- 6 months           ..


- 12 months         ..


- 24 months         ..


- Complete dataset since  - 2003.


- 1 day period oscillating     electrical signals vs 14     days period tidal 




Strange attractor seismic precursor determined from ATH, PYR and HIO monitoring sites.


Site statistical analysis.

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ANNOUNCEMENT (April 9th, 2012)

Dear visitors,


   We regret to inform you that we are not capable to support (technically and financially) any more the operation of ATH and PYR monitoring sites.


   Moreover, there was no response to our earlier (May, 25th, 2010) call for collaboration and establishing a technically and complete upgraded monitoring network in the Greek territory.


   Under these conditions it is senseless to continue the  operation of the present network. The already collected data will continue to be available in our URL for the utilization of any possible research project.


   We feel justified for our work because of the great interest shown by the URL visitors, the initiation of 3 Ph.D thesis (concerning  earth's electric field and earthquake prediction) in Universities abroad,  the  large number of downloading of the recorded data and the monograph "Short-term earthquake prediction".


   Our future research activity will be concentrated in some interesting new ideas on earthquake prediction which will be studied in relation to the already present electric data. The results will be presented as usually by papers placed at the Cornell University (


 Dr. Thanassoulas, C.


contact e-mail: